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Do my antibody and buffer fit the requirements?

PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov 2014 13:13
by Interchim
Do my antibody and buffer fit the requirements?
FAQ from Innova Biosciences

Your antibody should be purified (affinity purification is preferred), as other molecules with free amine groups will interfere with the reaction, resulting in a poor quality conjugate. A suitable method of purification should be used (such as affinity or Protein A/G). Please note that 0.2/0.22 µm filtration is a method of sterilisation, not purification.

Your biomolecule should also be in a suitable, 10-50mM amine free buffer (e.g. MES, MOPS, HEPES, PBS), pH range 6.5 to 8.5 and not in any of the following: ascites fluid, serum or tissue culture supernatant. It should not contain any additives such as Azide, BSA, Tris or Glycine.

The amount of antibody (IgG) you should add to the Lightning-Link® vial usually corresponds to the kit size your purchased (for example: a 3x100µg kit enable you to label 3 lots of 100µg antibody) and the volume added should also match (eg: 100µl), meaning the ideal concentration is of 1mg/ml. For other biomolecule, the amount added should be adjusted by changing your concentration (see above).

NOTE: The amount and volume of antibody recommended above are for all Lightning-Link® kits offered by Innova Biosciences, with the exception of RPE and PE tandem dyes. For more details on the recommendations specific to these dyes, please consult the protocols available on each product page.