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What are the best storage conditions for my new conjugate?

PostPosted: Mon 24 Nov 2014 13:26
by Interchim
What are the best storage conditions for my new conjugate?
FAQ from Innova Biosciences

A new conjugate can be stored for 12-18 months at 4°C as long as the antibody will tolerate storage at 4°C. As the bond between the antibody and dye is covalent and very stable, it should not degrade, therefore at 4°C no additional preservatives are needed. The antibody is usually the least stable component of the conjugate so please check the antibody datasheet for storage recommendations.

However, all conjugates can be stored in 50% glycerol at -20°C which allows them to remain stable for 2 years. Please bear in mind that APC and RPE conjugates should never be stored at -20°C on their own without glycerol.

The dilution factor also has an effect. Storing the conjugate undiluted is recommended if possible; however, for HRP conjugates, if you wish to store at working concentrations (e.g. 1/10,000), this can be done using our LifeXtend HRP Conjugate Stabilizer/Diluent.

Note that the preservative sodium azide will inhibit HRP.

We suggest that the optimal storage conditions for any conjugate are determined experimentally, using small aliquots of the conjugate.