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Dialysis is an easy and efficient, yet cheap and gentle technique to separate biomolecules according their molecular weight. It is associated or not to other purification methods, serving typically to desalt samples, in biochemistry works as well as before analysis (sample preparation for bioassays, release or binding studies).

Select the right dialysis membrane and system, or see below special dialysis applications :

Product Volume (ml)
Membranes ; MWCO
Features & Description
Devices : dialysis of small samples
Convenient ready-to-use dialysis device for small volumes : wet membrane (no soaking), easy loading with provided pipette (no syringe), and floating (no need for accessory floats)
Economic and versatile dialysis and electroelution devices
Largest range of cut-off & volumes
BioDispoDialysers Device for dialysis and electroelution (ElectroPrep) that can be assembled with a variety of membranes, together,...
Ultra-Micro DispoDialysers Device for dialysis od very small samples
Tubings : dialysis of large samples
CelluSep tubings
(CelluSep T1/2/3/4 )
  Economic (highest quality/price, for standard applications)
(CelluSep H1 tubings)   Pre-treated membranes and ready-to-use pre-cut lengths
Ideal for nucleic acids, but suits also for proteins
Spectra/Por tubings
(S/Pr RC&CE&PVDF Biotech)
  The high grade dialysis tubing, with largest choice of MWCO, membrane types, volumes
Other dialysis product available     See also
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Special Dialysis Systems & applications
• Equilibrium dialysis
• Multiple dialysis
• Electrodialysis - ElectroElution
• Dialysis of MicroVolumes
• Dialysis with very smal molecular weight cut off
• Dialysis with very large molecular weight cut-off
• Dialyzing with organic solvants
• Sterile dialysis
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