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 Laboratory Control Software
Smart automation, tracking and controlLogo_Ava_Interchim_0416
From a single stirring hotplate to a multi-device jacketed reaction system
Four software levels to suit your application and budget

your chemistry
saves time,
Advantages of software automation:
  • Improve productivity - free up valuable research time
  • Record, share and analyse experimental results
  • Repeat experiments accurately for reproducible and consistent results
  • Share results between users to improve research and collaboration

...and makes
your chemistry
 Enhanced safety:
  • Run unattended experiments safely
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Set apparatus safety limits to prevent accidents
  • Configure audio and visual alarms
AVA can easily
automate your
 Use AVA software to:
  • Control and log common laboratory apparatus and processes
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual data recording
  • Track what you do, as you do it and repeat in the experiment scheduler - ‘Track and Repeat’
  • Visualise results for rapid analysis and reporting
  • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for additions
  • Control up to four experiments in parallel
Download and
try the software
for FREE
  • Learn how the features of AVA work
  • Simulate control of devices
  • Set up apparatus and control experimental schedules
  • Share setups and schedules with other AVA users
  • Analyse results and create reports for real or simulated data

Four software levels to suit your application and budget
The different levels determine the types of devices that can be controlled and logged by AVA.

  Stirring Hotplates
  Temperature Sensors
  Overhead Stirrers  
  Peristaltic Pumps      
  Syringe Pumps      
  Vacuum Pumps      
  pH Sensors      
  Gas Flow Controllers      


1. Select your Apparatus setup

  • Select Apparatus background that matches your reaction setup
  • Select up to four Apparatus setups
  • Create new or open existing Apparatus templates

2. Add devices

  • Select and name devices
  • Set device parameters and safety limits
  • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for gravimetric additions

 3. Select Direct or Schedule control
  • Control devices directly via the Apparatus Window, or...
  • Set device parameters and safety limits
  • Use the Schedule Window to create experiment profiles e.g. create ramps, plateaus and timed actions
4. ‘Track and Repeat’

  • Track what you do, as you do it and record all actions
  • Repeat and refine the schedule to optimise the experiment
  • This clever features enables automation of a manual process with ease and without any programming knowledge

5. During your experiment

  • Stop, pause or skip steps and modify experiments mid-run
  • Add or remove steps as the timeline progresses
  • Add or record notes in the Event Log
  • View real-time graphs
 6. Enhanced safety
  • Set individual device warning alarms
  • Set emergency safe conditions or reactioction shutdown if a sensor limit is exceeded
  • Create safety feedback loops e.g. control pump addition by process temperature
  • Set user-definable limits or parameters for all devices

7. Log and report

  • Automatically logs and saves all data
  • The report wizard creates detailed reports in rich text format (for word processing) or CSV (for spreadsheets)
  • Share experiments and results with other AVA users
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