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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Liquid Chromatography > Prep LC Columns

Preparative liquid chromatography

Stop compromising between the highest quantity, highest purity rate, shortest time and least cost for your preparative liquid chromatography!

Discover our Uptisphere Strategy prep columns and adsorbents now!

The large surface area of these media enables a high loading capacity and they are completely dedicated to Preparative purification (a method for purifying an analyte in a complex sample, separating one compound from impurities through an adsorbent which is mainly based on a silica gel.)
Strategy C18-2, ranging from 1.7µ to 15µ with the same selectivity, guarantees genuine analytical modelling before scaling up.

For cost effectiveness, you will love our PuriFlash HQ silica which offers a good mix between efficiency and loading.
This is the premium choice for both preparative and Flash purification.

We also offer outstanding preparative columns from well-known manufacturers: YMC and GL Sciences, filled with Pro series and Inertsil silica gels, respectively.

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