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Ultra Performance Flash PurificationTM
puriFlash_5250_Interchim_0418 puriFlash_5250_Peptides_Interchim_0418 puriFlash_5400_Interchim_0418    






Small but limitless
250 ml/min@up to 250 bar
Purification of Complex Mixtures of Peptides
125 ml/min@up to 250 bar
The Ultra-Purification
125 ml/min@up to 400 bar
To make Purification Easier, Intuitive & Productive
 puriFlash_XS520Plus_Interchim_0418 puriFlash_5020_Interchim_0418 puriFlash_5050_Interchim_0418 Picture_puriFlash-535-XL_AIS_1121 puriFlash_5007_Interchim_0418

puriFlash®XS 520Plus





Small but mighty
300 ml/min@up to 20 bar
The Partner of Daily Challenges
300 ml/min@up to 20 bar
Cross-over Flash /Prep
250 ml/min@up to 50 bar
Process - Kilo-Lab
400 ml/min@up to 35 bar
Process - Kilo-Lab
750 ml/min@up to 7 bar

puriFlash® Generation 5

Accuracy &
Ultra Performance Flash Purification or How to do high
throughput purification?

These Best-In-Class instruments are fully designed to make your purification Easier, Intuitive & Productive.


Compact & Technological =>

The "Reduced Sphere of Use" improves ergonomics of the workstation. The global productivity of the working space is drastically amplified by having a lot of Integrated technologies (DEDL, UV, leak detector,  .. ) in such a small box.
On top of that, you can decide for a Bench-top installation of the instrument, the "Fume Encloser" feature safely optimizes the management of your workspace leaving your fume-hood free for chemistry.
Versatile in terms of applications, the fine-tuning of the detection technologies employed guarantees maximum purification yield without loss of product.

Reliable & Safe =>

Run 24/7 with Confidence for a minimum of After Sales Service required. Bad surprises or hidden costs aren´t to be feared atfer the purchase.
The cost of use is perfectly mastered.
You can stay focused on your job with the necessary peace of mind having the certainty to get the best purification as possible.
There is no risk of product loss thanks to the complete monitoring of the system through sensors, the management of overpressure and pauses.
The devices will be available full time and for long term for purification.

InterSoft® X =>

Keeps Intelligence Simple & Smart. Its Best-In-Class design makes the Chemist´s life easier.
It is easily accessible to multi-profile users with a minimum of training. Intuitive, this Gen5 "Push the boundaries" with the innovative Flash & Go, Load & Go and Boost & Go technologies. To develop a method, challenge Genius or, do it by yourself.

GeniusTM =>

Your personnal Articifial Intelligence, embedded in InterSoft® X generates the best eco-(logical)-purification in the curent knowledge.
Run safely the method & Get your Products Pure!
Flash_Go_Interchim_0418 Flash&Go:  
Flash your TLC plate using our mobile app., send the data automatically to InterSoft® X "Genius". You are set to run the purification.
Load_Go_Interchim_0418 Load&Go:  
Load your sample liquid or solid though multi-way electrical valve. InterSoft® X "Genius" will manage column equilibration for you, sample loading and system cleaning.
Boost_Go_Interchim_0418 Boost&Go:  
Intelligent management of the flow rate increase to speed up safely the purification.
RFID_Interchim_0418 Flash & Prep columns, dry-loads,racks, loops identification & data implementation into Genius.


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