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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Synthesis Systems > Lab Reactor > Custom Reaction Systems
Custom/Bespoke Reaction Systems - 100ml to 50 litres


Jacketed reaction systems designed to meet your specifications

Radleys are experts in the design and manufacture of exceptional quality scientific glassware. We have a long history (over 45 years) of working
with chemists and chemical engineers in the leading industrial and academic research facilities around the world. Whether you require a multi-vessel
process rig, a small benchtop reactor or a complex parallel set-up,
our team of design engineers and scientific glassblowers will be pleased
to help with your project.
In-house design and manufacture of custom glass reaction vessels and frameworks
A recent installation of six 30 litre jacketed reaction systems in Shanghai, China

Scope of our services

  • In-house design and manufacture
  • Frameworks and supports
  • Thermoregulators, chillers and circulators
  • Overhead stirrers, sensors and probes
  • Datalogging and software control
  • Installation and training


  • Single or vacuum jacketed
  • Jacketed vessels to 50 litres
  • Vacuum jacketed vessels to 20 litres
  • Tall, squat or process vessel geometries
  • Cylindrical or spherical vessels
  • Split jackets and optical windows
  • Conical, dish or hemispherical vessel bottoms
  • Stainless steel, hastelloy or PTFE vessels
  • Vessels with optical windows or split jackets
  • Vessels with fixed or removable filters or sinters
  • Glass or PTFE lids
A custom parallel system and framework, with control software installed in Germany
Control and log your reaction system with AVA Laboratory Control Software


  • Multi-reactor systems for parallel synthesis
  • Fermenters, bioreactors and photoreactors
  • Condensers, distillation assemblies, scrubbers


  • Thermoregulators with supply and servicing
  • Thermofluids, hoses and adapters
  • Overhead stirrers: electric or air-powered
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