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Covid-19 related reagents

Since the end of december 2019, a new coronavirus (Covid-19) from Wuhan has spread rapidly in China and in the rest of the world. This new pneumonia is affecting more and more people worlwide. Preventing this spread is achieved by quarantining and screening potentially infected people.

This new Covid-19 belongs to the coronavirus family , which includes SARS (2003) and MERS-Cov (2012). The Covid-19 viral genome encodes several proteins with unique functions, including Spike protein,
N protein and M protein.

The two main proteins of pharmaceutical interest
are the S-protein (spike) and the N-protein (nucleocapsid).

  • Protein N is conserved and is often used
    as a diagnostic marker.
  • The Spike protein is primarily responsible for receptor binding and is a common target for vaccines and antibodies.
Interchim support scientific research and development of new therapies regarding Covid-19 by providing a large scale of related reagents.
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