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Discover our wide range of accessories selected to ensure optimal performance:

  • Tubings: PVDF, Nylon, PEEK, Nickel, Copper, SS and more tubings (small lengths or reels).
  • Fittings: from low pressure up to 20000psi, all commons chromatography fittings (PP, Nylon, brass, SS).
  • Valves: Valco/Cheminert valves fulfills all your most demanding HPLC or GC applications. Materials are selected for optimum lifetime and compatibility. Typical applications include sample injection, backflushing, and column switching. Manual, pneumatic or electric actuations are available. Additionally, we supply the wide range of IDEX (Rheodyne) HPLC valves.
  • Glass columns: extended range of glass columns for almost all types of liquid chromatography applications (pressure limit 30 - 80 bar, buffer and solvent resistant). Adjustable length plungers at both ends and a totally inert sealing system support the complete spectrum of applications from classical normal phase and reversed phase chromatography right through to biochromatography.
  • Safety accessories: Be safe with our SCAT partners wich provides the latest innovations and developments for workspace safety and environmental protection.
  • Syringes: SGE, Hamilton and most manufacturers syringes (Agilent, PerkinElmer, Thermo, CTC, …)
  • Injection liners & septa: Best quality injection products to increase peaks areas and reduce detection limits. (deactivation also really matters.)
  • Capillary Ferrules: complete range of ferrules including graphite, graphite/polyimide, PTFE, and polymide ferrules.
  • HPLC spare parts: plungers, seals, check valves
  • HPLC lamps: all our deuterium lamps are subject to rigorous quality control check.
  • Hand-tools: high quality tools for all laboratories requirements in order to makes you easier life every day.
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