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Logo_Bio_Works_Interchim_0416 Bio-Works, a Sweden company, designs, develops and manufactures a broad product range in Uppsala.
For uses within areas of Life Sciences, Food & Beverage.

WorkBeads™ 40 Ni

High throughput agarose media for capture of His-tagged proteins.

  • High dynamic capacity
  • High purity
  • Excellent flow properties

WorkBeads 40 Ni is developed for capture of His-tagged proteins. Typical binding and wash buffer is 20 mM sodium phosphate pH 7.4 with 0.5 M NaCl. In order to reduce unspecific binding 20-40 mM imidazole is added to the buffer and the amount is protein dependent and should be tried out. Elution is carried out by further addition of 300-500 mM imidazole and is also protein dependent.

Media characteristics WorkBeads 40 Ni
Agarose content
Metal Ion capacity (μmol Ni2+/ml) 50-60
Average particle Size (μm) 45
Protein capacity (mg/ml) >60
Max flow rate (cm/h)
(20cm Bed Height, 5 Bar)
pH stability 45


WorkBeads™ 40 IDAhigh
WorkBeads™ 40 IDAlow
WorkBeads™ 40 TRENhigh
WorkBeads™ 40 TRENlow

Affinity chromatography media for laboratory and process scale users.

  • Faster to results; simple coupling procedure
  • Stable at ambient temperature, aqueous coupling solution and neutral pH
  • Suitable for coupling ligands containing Sulphydryl-, Amino- or Hydroxylgroups

Not all proteins behave the same and this is the reason for having four different varieties of IMAC chemistries. Start with IDA high as this will have the best capacity and works well for most of the proteins. If proteins are difficult to desorb or are eluted with less activity it is an indication of too strong binding, in this case try IDA low. If this will not give you the result try TREN high followed by TREN low. In this way you will have good probability to find the media that will fit your application.

Media characteristics WorkBeads 40 IDA WorkBeads 40 TREN
Agarose content
7% 7%
Chelating group Iminodiacetic acid (IDA) Tris(2-ethylaminoethyl) amine (TREN)
Metal Ion capacity (μmol Cu2+/ml) 10-20 IDAlow
50-60 IDAhigh
10-20 TRENlow
50-60 TRENhigh
Average particle size (μm) 45 45
Max flow rate (cm/hr)
(20cm bed height,  5 Bar)
600 600
pH stability 2-13 2-13
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