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Logo_Bio_Works_Interchim_1016 Bio-Works, a Sweden company, designs, develops and manufactures a broad product range in Uppsala.
For uses within areas of Life Sciences, Food & Beverage.

WorkBeads™ Protein A
WorkBeads™ BabyBio A

WorkBeads™ Protein A & BabyBio A are designed for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Made from agarose, well established and well-known in the Biotech industry.

  • Higher dynamic binding capacity for monoclonal antibodies; excellent recovery & high purity
  • Stronger coupling chemistry; high pH stability and low leakage
  • Reliable, reproducible and efficient

WorkBeads Protein A affinity chromatography media is produced from agarose using a cross-linking method that results in a highly porous and physically stable agarose matrix. Agarose matrices have successfully been used for many years in biotechnology research and in the industrial purification of proteins.

The recombinant protein A is engineered to facilitate an oriented coupling to the matrix which allows high binding capacities for target proteins. The high capacity, chemical stability and low ligand leakage make WorkBeads Protein A ideal for purification of mono- and polyclonal antibodies.

WorkBeads™ Protein A is designed to allow oriented coupling to the bead via multipoint attachment. This allows high utilization of the immobilized protein A resulting in high IgG binding conditions.
Bead has a dynamic binding capacity of typically more than 40 mg IgG/ml media under standard binding conditions (PBS, pH 7.4 and 3 minutes residence time).

Media Characteristics

Medium WorkBeads Protein A WorkBeads Protein A
Target substance Antibodies (IgG), bound via the Fc-region
Matrix Rigid, highly cross-linked agarose
Ligand Recombinant protein A expressed in E. coli using animal-free medium
Coupling chemistry Bromohydrin
Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) >40 mg human IgG/ml medium
Recommended flow rate 250 cm/h
Max flow rate conditions (see Data Sheet) 500 cm/h
Chemical stability Compatible with all standard aqueous buffers used for protein purification, and 10 mM HCl (pH2),10 mM NaOH (pH 12), 0.1M sodium citrate-HCl (pH 3), 6 M guanidine-HCl, 20% ethanol. Should not be stored at low pH for prolonged time.
Recommended working range pH Stability 3-10 short term
2-12 cleaning
Storage +2°C to +8°C in 20% ethanol


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