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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Sample Preparation > Sampling Bags

Sampling bags

Looking for a convenient, reliable and economical way to collect airborne chemical hazards?
Our gas sampling bags will meet all your needs.

More reasons to convince you?

  • All are chemically inert, leak-tested, mechanically strong, reusable, and non-contaminating.
  • They are available in ALTEF (Tedlar® alternative), Tedlar®, Multi-Layer Foil, FEP, PFA,
  • A huge variety of standard and custom fittings & valves are available (PP Screw Cap Combo Valve, PP Locking Combo Valve, Swagelok® type SS Fitting, Plastic Jaco® Fitting…).

Don’t waste time, we have the gas sampling bags that you need.


"C" Clamp Sealing Kits for Liquid and Gas Sampling Bags


Polyethylene "C" Clamps and Sealing Rods can be cut to any length. To make an airtight, leak-proof seal, place the "C" Clamp, open side up, on a clean, hard surface. Wrap the open bag end once over the round plastic sealing rod and push the rod down into the "C" shaped opening of the "C" Clamp, inserting the middle of the rod first, then moving outward toward each end. We recommend ordering "C" Clamp Sealing Kits at least 1" longer than the length of the bag end to be sealed.
The Rod in each unit (kit) is longer than the "C" Clamp, for easy removal.

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