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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Sample Preparation > LLE / SLE > ToxiVials A & B

Interchim® ToxiVials™
Increase your LC/MS or GC/MS productivity for toxicological analysis.

An Easy, Fast and Cheap extraction process for neutral, basic and acidic drugs that contributes to increase your instrument lifetime by using a clean procedure in only 5 steps:

Step 1 : Sample introduction Step 2 : Mixing
ToxiVials™ type A**:
Add 5ml of sample w/ internal standard*
ToxiVials™ type B**:
Add 4.5ml of sample w/ internal standard*

*Internal standards are not mandatory.
Shake manually
for 2 to 5 minutes.
  Step 3 : Centrifugation
  Centrifuge at high speed (≈2500 rpm) for 5 minutes.
Step 4 : Supernatant treatment Step 5 : Reconstitution
Transfer the organic supernatant into appropriate
concentration cups then evaporate to dryness.
Reconstitute using the appropriate solvent
and smallest volume and get ready for the analysis.
    Results can be different depending on the analysis technique used following the ToxiVials™ extraction.

All products are thoroughly quality control tested in-house to guarantee tracability.

   Description P/N Qty  
    ToxiVials™ Type A 1D7960 100 u
    ToxiVials™ Type B 1D7970 100 u



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