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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Liquid Chromatography > Analytical HPLC Columns

Analytical HPLC columns

Want to benefit from the best HPLC or UHPLC innovations and get the highest quality products available?

Our unique phases are developed to provide different selectivities for successful separations of the most complex mixtures and challenging analytes under normal or reversed phase conditions.

High-performance liquid chromatography, or HPLC, is a chromatographic technique to separate a mixture of compounds and is used in biochemistry and analytical chemistry to identify, quantify and purify the individual components of the mixture.

Our noteworthy HPLC columns are dedicated for a wide range of applications and can be presented as follows:

  • HPLC analyses on porous silica gel with particle size >2.9μm
  • UHPLC analyses on porous silica gel with particle size <2.9μm
  • HPLC & UHPLC analyses based on core shell technology
  • HPLC & UHPLC analyses based on hybrid silica gel technology
  • HPLC columns dedicated for sugars, organic acids & ions analysis based on polymeric sorbents
  • HPLC columns dedicated for SFC applications
  • HPLC analyses done on others sorbents like carbon graphitized, zirconium,…
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