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FlowWave - Spectrophotometer
In-line UV/VIS spectrophotometer for Flow Chemistry



  • Wide wavelength range 220 to 900nm extending to 1100 with optional source
  • Monitor up to 5 wavelengths in real time and grab spectra on the fly
  • Photometric accuracy 0 to 2.6 A
  • Spectral bandwidth < 4 nm
  • Absorbance precision ±0.002A
  • Supplied with 0.5 mm high pressure 20 bar flow cell and 50µm MTP and 400µm SMA fibre optic
  • FlowWave software supplied on computer with Ethernet connection

The Uniqsis FlowWaveTM is a UV/Vis and NIR spectrophotometer for flow chemistry. It can be used with the Uniqsis FlowLab or FlowSyn systems or any other flow chemistry system.
The system comprises of a small shoe box size (18 x 18 x 18 cm) spectrophotometer that contains the pulsed Xenon source powered only during reading to give a 10 year normal operation The detector in 3648 pixel CCD array (UV enhanced) allowing a
2 second read time across the full wavelength range. There are no moving parts and the system is virtually maintenance free.
The FlowWave has a 0.5mm path length flow cell where the fibre optics are coupled to the optically transparent PFA tubing. This allows reaction pressures up to 20 bar.




The FlowWave can be used to determine if and when a reaction reaches steady state so fractions can be collected
at the correct time.
This is achieved by monitoring up to 5 wavelengths in real time as shown in the picture above. Simultaneously the
real-time spectra is displayed as the reaction progresses.
A background spectrum of pure solvent is recorded before the introducing reagents and the differencial absorbance
Methods can be saved and imported.
For working in the NIR an optional Tungsten source can added to extend the range up to 1100nm.

UQ1100 FlowWave

Dimensions  : 180mm (w) x 180mm (d) x 180mm (h)
Flow Cell : 0.5mm path length 20 bar
Power supply (Total) :  220V 1200VA or 110V 1240VA
Weight : 4.2Kg




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