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Flow Chemistry LED Photoreactor


PhotoSynTM LED Photoreactor

Variable high power LED lamp unit for flow photochemistry

  • High power (up to 700W) annular LED array 455nm light source
  • Compatible with Cold Coil™ standalone reactor and Polar Bear Plus Flow™
  • Variable (10-100%) output power supply
  • LAN and RS232 enabled remote control

The Uniqsis PhotoSyn™ is a high power LED light unit for photoflow chemistry applications. A pair of enclosed hemispherical LED arrays, concentrate the light inwards onto a central coil reactor. Each array is composed of 260
individual 1W blue (455nm) LEDs making the unit parcularly suitable for photoredox applications.

Other LED array formats with either 3 different selectable wavelength LEDs or a deep UV version will be available
shortly. All the arrays are compatible with the same power supply unit which detects the configuration and identity of the LEDs present and automacally adjusts the power output accordingly.

The lamp units have independent cooling and are hermecally sealed such that a compressed gas stream or a gentle flow of water can be applied at higher power outputs for addional cooling.

The PhotoSyn is compatible with both the Uniqsis Cold Coil™ standalone reactor module and the Polar Bear Plus
Flow™ cryogenic flow reactor, which control the coil reactor temperature independently of the lamps. Reactions may be run from 150°C down to sub-ambient temperatures dependent upon the power output required. The variable power supply allows the power output to be adjusted from 10-100% making the unit suitable for both small scale R&D and scale up applications.

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