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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Flash Purification - UPFP > puriFlash XS 420Plus

puriFlash® XS 420Plus
This product is discountinued. Contact us and upgrade your software to Intersoft® X thanks to our promotional program and convert your XS 420Plus to a XS 520Plus.

P/N: 1R1071

  As compact as its price, it is designed for routine flash purifications.
The technology & the unique quality of the pump will take you much further. Increase the pressure, the puriFlash® XS 420Plus will offer the same precision, linearity & repeatability
and allows you to perform complex and sophisticated purifications.
    Small Organic molecules 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Impurities Identification 3_Stars_Interchim_0418
Natural Products 4_Stars_Interchim_0418
Peptides, Oligonucleotides 3_Stars_Interchim_0418
Proteins, Bio-drugs 2_Stars_Interchim_0418
Metabolites Isolation 2_Stars_Interchim_0418
Traces Enrichment 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Pump   Injection   Columns Holder
Flow rate: 300mL/min
Pressure max.: 20bar
Quaternary Gradient    
Air purge    
Solvent tray with drainage system
  Injection mode: liquid - Dry-load   Integrated
Detector   Fraction Collector   System Optimization
UV: 200 - 400nm
multi wavelength & scan collection
Spectral view & purity confirmation
  2 long racks
112 tubes 18x150mm
Unit control   Software   Safety
Touch screen 15"
USB x 4    
  Intersoft® ver. 5.1   Solvent tray w/drainage system
Collector w/drainage system
Fume Encloser

Option pack have to be ordered with the purchase of the instrument.
Available Peripheral
  pack-UVextended    Machine_Size_Interchim_0418
puriVapTM-6 Check_Interchim_0418   UV : 200 - 800 nm  
MS simple Quad APCI- 1200m/z
or 2000m/z
No_Check_Interchim_0418   multi wavelength & scan collection  
Refractive Index No_Check_Interchim_0418   P/N: UVEX00  
Super loop via external pump No_Check_Interchim_0418      
Auto-Sampler No_Check_Interchim_0418   pack-Ultra  
2nd Collector No_Check_Interchim_0418   UV : 200 - 800 nm  
CarouXel No_Check_Interchim_0418   multi wavelength & scan collection   W: 14" - 35.5cm
D: 18.5" - 47cm
H:  30" - 77cm
Multi-waste 1 inlet / 6 outlet electrical valve No_Check_Interchim_0418   + 4 port electrical PPS valve  
      P/N: ULTR00  


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