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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Flash Purification - UPFP > puriFlash 5.250Peptides

puriFlash® 5.250Peptides

P/N:  PFG5Q0

Purification of complex mixtures of peptides

  Maximum efficiency.
The use of small particle size combined with the reduction of dead volume makes possible to discriminate nearby peptides in terms of amino acid sequence.
    Small Organic molecules 4_Stars_Interchim_0418
Impurities Identification 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Natural Products 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Peptides, Oligonucleotides 4_Stars_Interchim_0418
Proteins, Bio-drugs 3_Stars_Interchim_0418
Metabolites Isolation 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Traces Enrichment 5_Stars_Interchim_0418
Flash_Go_Interchim_0418 Flash&Go Boost_Go_Interchim_0418 Boost&Go RFID_Interchim_0418    
Pump   Injection   Columns Holder
Flow rate: 125mL/min
Pressure max.: 250bar
Quaternary Gradient    
Air purge    
Washing discs    
Pump washing disc
Solvent tray with drainage system
  6 port + 10 port electrical valves w/loop
Injection mode: liquid - Dry-load
Pre-column holder
Detector   Fraction Collector   System Optimization
UV: 200 - 400nm
multi wavelength & scan collection
Spectral view & purity confirmation
  3 racks Gen5
132 tubes 18x150mm
  Tubings: 0.75mm id
Flow cell-optical length: 1.3mm / 55µL
Unit control   Software   Safety
Touch screen 15"
USB x 8
  InterSoft® X "Genius"   Leak detection (pump, FC, …)
Solvent tray w/drainage system
Collector w/drainage system
Solvent level monitoring
Fume Encloser

Option pack have to be ordered with the purchase of the instrument.
Unit control   pack-UVextended    Machine_Size_Interchim_0418
puriVapTM-6 Check_Interchim_0418   UV: 200 - 800 nm  
MS simple Quad APCI- 1200m/z
or 2000m/z
Check_Interchim_0418   multi wavelength & scan collection  
Refractive Index No_Check_Interchim_0418   P/N: UVEX00  
Super loop via external pump Check_Interchim_0418      
Auto-Sampler Check_Interchim_0418   pack-iELSD  
2nd Collector Check_Interchim_0418   Integrated Evaporative Light
CarouXel No_Check_Interchim_0418   Scattering Detector   W: 15.75´´ - 40.0cm
D: 20.0" - 51.0cm
H: 29.5" 75.0cm
Multi-waste 1 inlet / 6 outlet electrical valve Check_Interchim_0418   SAGA technology  
      P/N: ELSD00  
      6 port electrical valve    
      P/N: MULT00    


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