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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Instruments > Solvants Degasser

Solvent degassers

All liquids contain dissolved gases which are readily absorbed from the air. In solvents for liquid chromatography, dissolved gases reduce pump flow rate stability, detector baseline stability.

The degassing unit is placed in-line between the solvent reservoir and the inlet of the pump. The action of the pump draws the liquid from the reservoir through the degasing unit. Solvent is drawn through fluoresin membranous tubing which is permeable to the dissolved gases. Hence, gases will permeate out by vaccum through the tubing.

Models available from micro HPLC to preparative applications.

Ultrastable degasser AF membrane
  • Ultra-high degassing efficiency
  • Independent vacuum chambers
  • Pump work continuously sustaining a consistent vacuum level
  • Low internal volume


Analytical model
Max flow rate Degassing efficency Pressure drop Internal volume Number of channels
2 4
2ml/min >70% O2 remove at 1ml/min 0.18bar/ml/min 0.480ml  BZ2942  AJ8504


Preparative model
Max flow rate Degassing efficence Pressure drop Internal volume Number of channels
20ml/min >70% O2 remove at 10ml/min 0.04bar/ml/min 8.4ml EO5310
20ml/min >70% O2 remove at 10ml/min 0.06bar/ml/min 13.8ml EO5320
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