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Discover now our range of natural compounds

Nowadays, we want to be closer to the wealth of nature, this is the reason why we now offer drugs derived from natural products. To meet this wish, Interchim released a catalog dedicated to natural products in which all compounds come from nature (plants, microorganisms for example). These products are now used by several industries such as the pharmaceutical, the cosmetic and the food ones.

In our dedicated catalog, you will have a great choice of references among 8000 natural compounds offered; these products are divided in three parts: chemicals, screening compounds and bulks.

And .sdf file is also available including around 5000 natural products for screening. These products are available with an average of 90% in purity, a high diversity is available with rare and unusual compounds, all the products are identified by MS/NMR. These products are isolated from plants, microorganisms, marine species, ...Vials or microplates with 0.5mg to 50mg of products are on hand, a scale-up is also doable for most of the products. If hits or leads are discovered in the course of testing, we are able to re-supply the active compound.

It´s easy just send us the fine chemicals list you are looking for at, our sourcing service looks for your compounds of interest to enhance you chemical library! Our laboratory fills the compounds in flasks or 96-well plates.You will receive them ready to use.
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