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Heat-On - Introduction
Heat-On Block System - the safer alternative to oil baths
The safest, fastest and most efficient way to heat and stir round bottom flasks from 10ml to 5 litres.


Findenser - in use in the laboratory
This demonstration shows Findenser performing as well as a water condenser in a laboratory. Findenser replaces water-cooled condensers on over 95% of common chemistry applications and requires no running water to operate, thus avoiding the risk of laboratory flooding.


Findenser - Short Demo
Findenser is a super air condenser that replaces the need for water-cooled condensers in over 95% of all common chemistry applications.
What are the benefits?
1. No risk of flooding from running water
2. Eliminate water purchase and disposal costs
3. For solvent volumes from 5ml up to 1 litre
4. Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets


Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station™ Short Demo
Discover the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station™ from Radleys !
If you want to know more about the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station™ from Radleys, contact us !


Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station™ Full Demonstration
The Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station is a parallel synthesiser that simultaneously heats/cools, stirs and refluxes multiple samples under an inert atmosphere.


Reactor-Ready - Short Demo
Reactor-Ready is designed as a universal reactor work station with a range of easily interchangeable vessels from 100ml to 5 litres which can be configured to suit the chemistry and scale needed for each project. Easy to use, this one unique framework can replace many, saving money and fumehood space.
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