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Experts in helping to accelerate your contract synthesis

We are trusted by leading CROs, CDMOs, CMOs and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Delivering flexibility for your contract synthesis projects

From research to process development chemistry, we consistently deliver for CRO, CDMO, CMOs and pharmaceutical compagnies like yours around the world. We are the experts in specifying the right equipment for your contract synthesis, allowing you to focus on great chemistry.
• Flexible
You need to react quickly to projects - we understand flexibility is everything
• Trusted
We have a long established reputation with Pharma, CRO, CDMO and CMOs
• Specialists
Always on hand to help, answer questions and assist in keeping your business on track
• Accurate
Precise temperature control and automated data logging for seamless tech transfer

Some of valued customers

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Equipment to accelerate your projects


Mya 4 Reaction Station

• Multiple projects on one work station
4 independent reaction zones with active heating and cooling –
all software controlled and automatically data-logged.
• Limitless Flexibility
Whether screening 32 reactions in small vials or scaling up at four different temperatures with overhead stirring, accommodate all your parallel chemistry needs
• Reproducible results
Accurate temperature control and efficient stirring provides reproducible chemistry, allowing for easy sharing of data and recipes across sites globally.
• Increased Productivity
Easy to use, quick to set up and safe unattended operation allows workflows to run with increased efficiency
"The precision of temperature control provided by the Mya 4 has been essential to understanding key processing parameters of temperature sensitive experiments."
Dr Tim Davies, Senior Development Chemist, Johnson Matthey

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactors + Control softwares



• Easy to set up and use
Off-the-shelf jacketed lab reactors from 100 ml up to 35 litres. The controls of the entire Reactor-Ready range are all similar so users can easily move between platforms to work on larger or smaller scale. Flexible platforms for chemistry.

Our versatile reactors allow for rapid vessel exchange in minutes not hours, for easy scaling up and down of your chemistry. Interchangeable stirring options as well as glassware accessories to suit your project.

• Smart automation with AVA software
Implement reaction ramps, program additions, map the process data from your experiments and share results with ease for seamless tech transfer Recipe scheduler allows you to repeat experiments with consistent yields and purity. Ready when you are.

Known and trusted by leading CROs, CDMOs and CMOs in France, Germany and Austria. From process development through to scale up, the Reactor-Ready range allows you to adapt your client’s needs.

"The first time I changed vessels on Reactor-Ready, it took about 5 minutes but now I can change in less than 2 minutes. I get one stand which fits all sizes up to 5 litres.
I get overhead stirring on all scales.
Researcher, Process R&D Group, Leading US pharmaceutical company

Related resources - for you to read, watch and discover more


White paper Streamlining Chemical Synthesis DoE for Successful Process Development

Download this White Paper to see how Purolite improved their Process R&D and significantly reduced the transition time from small-scale to large- and manufacturing-scale reactions.

Webinars on demand


Stream the webinar: The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

When purchasing a jacketed lab reactor setup for scaling up your process, there are many considerations to be made. In this webinar we cover the fundamental points of specifying the right reactor and ancillary devices to ensure that you get the optimal performance of your jacketed lab reactor system for scale-up and process development.

Stream the Webinar: How we improved our process development with Mya 4

Dr Patrick Gilbert from Purolite explains how his R&D group greatly improved their small-scale Process development and DoE work.
Data-led, this case study presentation shows you how this was achieved.

Accelerate your OPRD with Mya 4

Accelerate your Process Research and Development with a flexible reaction station. In this webinar we’ll show you how to improve reproducibility and eliminate time-wasted manually recording results with automated data logging. Mya 4 can be set up quickly: benefitting from flexible and versatile configurations, easily meeting the needs of different applications and projects.

Some of valued customers

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Accurate temperature control achieving big results, on a small scale

Precise temperature control, four independent zones, for volumes of 0.5 – 200 ml in a single benchtop unit? Read about how Mya 4, a flexible reaction station is bringing accurate temperature control to scientists around the world.

Reactor-Ready: the perfect solution for Starry Pharmaceutical

Starry Pharmaceutical needed ways to free-up fumehood space and cut costs associated with scaling up reactions. Reactor-Ready is designed to allow chemists to swap reaction vessels in seconds without the use of tools.


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