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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Flash Purification - UPFP > puriFlash XS-Vap

puriFlash® XS-Vap

Your laboratory evaporator.
X-tra compact.
X-tra intuitive.
X-tra efficient.
X-tra evaporation.


Evaporation & Concentration of your samples

With the puriFlash® XS-Vap, the concentration of your samples will no longer be a constraint! Integrating innovative technologies, evaporation times and gas consumption are reduced. Our evaporator is controlled by ultra-intuitive software to guarantee working comfort and time savings.

Its operation is simple: place your sample tubes to be concentrated in the unit, start the evaporation process and trust our needle height adjustment technology.
Within minutes, your solvent is evaporated and your compounds are ready for analysis.

Product details

  • The puriFlash® XS-Vap evaporator is at your side from start to finish during your concentrations/evaporations
  • PLUG & PLAY: Plug in. Use.
  • How to check the evaporation process?

Software control integrated in the device

  •  Heating system control
  •  Two modes: Manual et Timer (setting evaporation time)
  •  Light control inside the bath
  •  Message-driven programming
  •  Select gas raws and rack configuration

Technical specifications

Certified CE & UL
  • Evaporation capacity:
    Up to 90 samples in parallel.
  • Sample volume:
    From a few milliliters to 250mL per position.
  • Gas consumption:
    Use of nitrogen or compressed air to supply the device at a pressure of 1-3 bar.
    Consumption is less than 1L/min per position.
  • Heating temperature:
    Ambient up to 90°C
  • Needle adjustment:
    The level of the needles is manually adjustable according to the volume and the evaporation speed of the solvent.
  • Lights:
    Different lights visually indicate the stage of operation of the device.
  • Control software:
    Intuitive control software integrated into a touch screen control.
  • Compatibility:
    The puriFlash® XS-Vap is compatible with all types of solvents.
    Our puriFlash® Gen 5, Gen 4 and XS racks are compatible with the device allowing direct evaporation of the tubes collected in the rack.
  • Tube dimensions:
    13x100mm, 16x100mm, 16x150mm, 18x150mm & 250mL vials.
  • Dimension & Weight:
    Width 37cm x Depth 40cm x Height 60cm
    Weight: 35kg

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