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ANALYTICAL SCIENCES > Instruments > Gas Generator > Nitrogen Generator AIS


Nitrogen Gas Generator for LC/MS & evaporation

Membrane with compressor technology

Product Features:

  • Complete “Plug and Play” system
  • Produces a continuous supply of nitrogen for
    all LC/MS & evaporation applications
  • Eliminate dangerous nitrogen cylinders from the laboratory
Equipped with a built-in compressor, the unit is self-contained and requires only a power supply to operate.

The nitrogen is produced using fiber membrane technology, which separates the nitrogen from the other components of the compressed air. Mainly used to supply mass spectrometers and evaporation systems, this generator can be used in all applications requiring purity levels between 90 and 99.5%. Its maximum output of 30L/min and maximum pressure of 10bar offer multiple possibilities at a competitive price.


Model N2 Generator
Purity Up to 99.5%
Flow Rates Up to 30 lpm
Delivery Pressure Up to 10 bar
Outlet Connection 1/4"
Ambient Temperature 5 to 35°C
Electrical Requirements 220-240/50Hz
Power Consumption 1400 Watts
Noise Level <65 dB (A)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 760 x 440 x 855 mm
Weight (Shipping) 85 Kg


Ordering Information:

Maintenance Items Part Number Change Frequency
Maintenance Kit C2PKW0 4 000 hours
Maintenance Kit C2PKX0 8 000 hours
Maintenance Kit C2PKW0 12 000 hours
Maintenance Kit C2PKY0 16 000 hours



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