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Reactor-Ready™ Flex Lab Reactor – 100mL to 5L Lab Reactor, from Radleys.

A flexible reaction system that can be configured to suit your budget and application.
Reactor-Ready Flex from one of 4 pre-configured packages or configure as you want is, a fully modular reaction system ideal, for process development, scale-up and kilo labs.

Features include

  • 4 pre-configured packages or choose the component parts to create a Jacketed Lab Reactor with just the needed features.
  • Range of single and vacuum jacketed vessels from
    100 ml to 5 litre.
  • Wide range of accessory glassware including condensers and dropping funnels etc
  • Jacket temperature range: -70 °C to +230 °C.
  • Swap vessels in minutes.
  • Accepts all leading brands of overhead stirrer and circulators.
  • Support stand features heavy-duty stainless steel support rods for stability.
  • Optional:
    - Self-aligning stirrer coupling engages without the need for tools.
    - Innovative hose manifolds allow easy thermofluid drain down.
    - Software allows to log and control stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other devices.

Multiple system designs

Log & control reactors with AVA Lab Control Software   Self aligning Stirrer Coupling saves time changing Vessels   Drain down manifolds for rapid Thermal fluid draining
Log_control_reactors_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Self_aligning_Stirrer_Coupling_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Drain_down_manifolds_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124
Choice of DN100 glass or PTFE lids to fit all vessels - with 5 & 7 ports   Vessel clamp allows rapid vessel exchange without tools   Choice of PTFE stirring impellers: Anchor, Retreat Curve & Turbine
Choice_DN100_glass_PTFE_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Vessel_clamp_allows_rapid_vessel_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Choice_PTFE_stirring_impellers_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124
I-beam Support allows the Stirring Motor to be positioned with ease   Innovative PTFE Stirrer guide; gas tight, whip-free and shed-free   Quick Release PEEK Hose Couplings is metal and tool free
I-beam_Support_allows_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Innovative_PTFE_Stirrer_guide_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124   Quick_Release_PEEK_Hose_Radleys_Advion_Interchim_Scientific_0124

Discover the system in video



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