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LIFE SCIENCES > Cell Biology

Cell biology

Benefit from Interchim expertise in cell technologies!

Over 20 years of distribution and cell assay probe development is used to serve our customers´ applications.

  • Grow your cells in 3 dimensions! Using CosiGel and CosiMatrix, or other Basement Membrane Extracts, offer your cells an environment they like, and obtain more biorelevant morphology and physiological analysis results.
  • Forget the hassle of 2 steps and toxic MTT assays, using soluble formazan WST8, or choose UptiBlue for even easier and more sensitive viability, proliferation and cytotoxic assays
  • Make the most of our wide range of Fluoprobes cell biology assay reagents and kits. Together with distribution, our offering spans from Ca2+ and GPCR signalling to apoptosis events, from inflammation processes to cell adhesion, etc.
  • Rely on outstanding reagents from FluoProbes, Cayman chemicals, Biotium, Trevigen, AAT Bioquest and much more…


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