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Cell assays

Assaying cells can be a tricky problem unless you choose the right cell biology parameter(s) and the right probes!
Interchim has selected established and innovative stains and probes in the FluoProbes range.

As usual, they offer the highest quality and innovation to ensure the performance of your work.
You can choose standalone products as well as optimised formulated reagents and kits.
Each time, you can rely on Interchim expertise to meet the requirements of today’s assays.

  • Our FluoProbes biodirectory references over 1000 cell biology probes, that are sensitive to ions, membrane environment, bind to nuclei or cytoskeleton, track endo/excytosis, trace cells in the organism, etc.
  • Kits include not only intracellular biology events, but cell signalling through cytokines and hormones, inflammation, cell adhesion,
  • Our offering includes popular brands such as Cayman, Trevigen, Biotium, AAT Bioquest, CusaBio and many more specialists!

See also the ELISA assay kit page.

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