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Fluorescent probes

For your Fluorescent probes, demand the best!

Our FluoProbes biodirectory references over 1000 cell biology probes, mainly, but not all, fluorescent, including conventional probes offering best price and quality, but also innovative probes!

Techniques include:

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Fluorescent Imaging
  • Microplate Reader

Applications span:

  • Cell Labelling
  • Cell Functional Analysis
  • Cell Signalling Reporter Gene Enzymes


  • outstanding ion indicators such as our Fluo8, ASANTE and Fura2 or Rhod4 ,
  • membrane probes, such as DIOC/DIA/DIR and FM series
  • Cell structure probes such as nuclei, cytoskeleton probes, mitochondria, endocytosis vesicles, including, as mere examples, our unrivalled FluoProbes488-Phalloidin, FP488–AnnexinV, and JC-10 probes
  • cell physiological process and events: track or trace cells in tissues, organite in cells, etc.
  • reliable reporter assay substrates, including in-vivo grade luciferin and coelenterazin, bulk of X-gal/IPTG,
  • the applications are unlimited! See our FluoProbes search engine.
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