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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Synthesis Systems > Carousel 6 Plus Accessories > Tornado
Tornado™ Overhead Stirring System

Use a single overhead stirrer to stir up to six round bottom flasks from 50ml to 250ml simultaneously. Increase your stirring productivity by up to 600%

The Tornado allows powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of round bottom flasks with the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station, offering unrivalled stirring for both viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution.

  • Integrates with Carousel 6 Plus to provide heated and stirred reactions.
  • Rapid heating to 180ËšC with water-cooled reflux head.
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere.
  • Accepts 50ml, 100ml and 250ml round bottom flasks.
  • Uses a single overhead stirrer - save space and money compared to multiple set-ups.
  • Compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer.
  • 2-speed drive allows overhead stirrers with less torque to be used for higher viscosities.
  • Stir to 1,000rpm in low viscosity
  • Max. viscosity 10,000mPas at 500rpm.
Choice of flask sizes and styles; with wide neck option
Wide neck flasks allow easier removal of viscous and solid samples and the use of larger stirrer blades. Baffles also improve stirring by disrupting the creation of a vortex.

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