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Liquid FlowmeterLiquid_Flowmeter_Interchim_0316

This liquid flowmeters accurately and reliably determine liquid flow. It’s designed for use primarily on HPLC systems at the end of a flow system where measured liquid is collected or dispensed to a drain.

  • PEEK bodied valve fitted with soft elastomer seal and PTFE diaphragm.
  • Stable Sensor.
  • Light weight brushed finish all aluminum case – weight only 320gm.

No user calibration is required.
The unit is normally supplied gravimetrically calibrated at 1.0 (+-10%) ml/min. Calibration at multiple points is available.
All wetted parts are made of PTFE , PEEK , DAI-EL PERFLOUR or Pyrex glass – no wetted metallic parts.

This instrument measures over a range of 50µl /min to 25ml/min, the range and
accuracies are given in the table below.

Flow rates are measured volumetrically and are independent of the liquid type up to a viscosity of 10 centipoise. The unit uses a single chip micro-controller, the flow-rate (rounded to four digits) is displayed on a large four digit back-lit Liquid Crystal display (LCD) and data is output via the built-in RS232 interface to the full 6-digit reading.


Range 0.05 - 25ml/min Accuracy -   +-1% Reproducibility -    +-0.5%
  0.25 - 5.0ml/min Accuracy -   +-0.5% Reproducibility -    +-0.5%
Reading update time (+-10%) 15 sec @ 2ml/min, 2 5sec @ 1ml/min, 45 sec @ 0.5ml/min,
Measuring volume - 140µl Priming volume: - 250µl
LCD Display (12.7mm) - 4 digits + 3 status symbols RS232 o/p - (6 digits) XX XXXX ml/min
Max Resolution - Display -                1µl RS232 o/p - 0.1µl
Size - 138mm Hight x 76mm Wide x 45mm Deep. Weight 320g

U95540  Flowmeter calibrated at 1,0ml/min
U95550  Flowmeter calibrated at 0,5 – l,0 – 1,5 ml/min

BL6290   USB Interface
CA1700   Printer

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