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INTERFINE CHEMICALS > Synthesis Systems > Flow Chemistry > FlowSyn Polar Bear


FlowSyn Polar Bear™
Advanced Cooling for Flow Chemistry




Clean, efficient cooling at the touch of a button
No heat transfer fluids, solid CO2, or solvents
Just plug in, switch on and set the temperature

FlowSyn Polar Bear™ is a state of the art chiller unit for low temperature flowthrough chemistry applications.

Powerful: The reactor can be rapidly cooled down to any temperature
between ambient and –90°C.

Rapid Cool-down: Advanced cooling technology delivers much more rapid cooling can be achieved than would be possible using a conventional chiller.

Flexible: The coil reactor module uses standard Uniqsis reactors and can accommodate single coil reactors up to 60 ml in volume, multiple smaller coils (available in a variety of sizes), and glassstatic mixer chips to deliver maximumflexibility for the flow chemist.

Reagent Pre-cooling: Reagent solutions can be efficiently pre-cooled prior to mixing by using either a static mixer chip or the dedicated heat exchange coils supplied with the interchangeable coil reactor top block.

No ‘Icing-up’!: A vacuum-jacketed glass cover fitted with a nitrogen purge prevents ice formation and ensures that the reactor remains clearly visible at all times.

Control via FlowSyn Interface: FlowSyn Polar Bear™ can be controlled directly using the FlowSyn user interface. In conjunction with FlowSyn Multi-X™ series of experiments each at a different sub ambient temperatures can be performed in sequence.


UQ-0000 FlowSyn Polar Bear™ Specification                  
Temperature range: ambient to –90°C
Stability: ± ±0.1°C @ -70°C over 2 h
Power supply: 110V or 240V 5000VA
Dimensions: 650 mm (w) x 650 mm (d) x 550 mm (h)
Weight: 65 kg unpacked
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