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Thermo Scientific, the World Leader in Serving Science

Several key players of chromatography consumables are now included under the banner Thermo Scientific (more than 50 000 employees in 50 countries).

HPLC and UHPLC Column Product Lines

In the late 1970’s, Shandon Southern Ltd – Runcorn (which morphed into Hypersil Ltd circa 1998 and later acquired by Thermo Scientific Inc.) was one of the pioneer in commercial production of HPLC packing materials based on silica.
Hypersil family of HPLC columns (including Hypersil BDS Hypersil Gold, Accucore Vanquish, Syncronis, Hypercarb) was and still are incredibly popular, as it provides reduced tailing with bases but still has some unique selectivities.
With the acquisition of Dionex, Thermo is leading chromatography of biomolecules. Ion Chromatography, amino acids and Ion-exclusion columns and nano-columns (IonPac columns, CarboPac & AminoPac ,MAbPac, ProPac, Biobasic, …).


Viper fittings ensure virtually zero-dead-volume connections for optimal liquid chromatography performance with easy-to-use finger tight fittings.

GC columns and Pierce Derivatization Reagents

(Silylation, Acylation, Alkylation Reagents & Siliconizing Fluids)

Chromatography Sample Preparation

The proprietary manufacturing process of Thermo Scientific SOLA products provides SPE product with unparalleled performance characteristics (no frits required). SOLAµ format allows very low sample volumes and meet requirements of bioanalysts.

Autosampler Vials and Closures, Well Plates and Accessories

Thermo Scientific port-folio includes over 850 references designed for any instrument and any application.


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