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"All antibodies should be manufactured recombinantly – not just therapeutic antibodies”

Absolute Antibody was founded with the vision that all antibody users should be able to use recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. Rather than creating entirely new antibodies (or antibody-like molecules), Absolute Abtibody are building a catalog by taking existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) then manufacturing them in a superior way and improving their usefulness by engineering.

The company achieves this through the use of proprietary vectors (pUV™), transient transfection of a high-yielding mammalian cell line (HEXpress™) and a universal purification platform. In this way 100s of mgs can be produced within two weeks and it allows Antibody Engineering, e.g. rapid reformatting or generation of unusual formats like Fc Silent™, bi-specific antibodies, recombinant Fab and Fab2 (AbFab2™) fragments.

Major Product Lines:

  • Primary Antibodies
  • Recombinant Proteins

Why Use Recombinant Antibodies, especially those from Absolute Antibody?

  • High purity: devoid of contamination from serum components, such as bovine albumin and IgG
  • Non-animal manufacturing: alleviates animal welfare concerns with ascites and hybridoma.
  • Reproducibility and control:
    - Biologically defined, with a known DNA and protein sequence
    - No genetic drift associated with hybridoma-based systems
    - Ultra-low batch-to-batch variability.
  • Decreased production time, thanks to an optimized high-yielding mammalian exp ression system
  • Engineering / Reformatting antibodies: to a different species, isotype or subtype (more preferable format for in vitro or in vivo use) or to fragments (e.g. Fab and Fab2, bispecific antibodies, site-specific conjugation of antibodies)

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