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Abnova is one of the world´s largest antibody manufacturer with the capacity of generating 300 mouse monoclonal antibodies and
200 rabbit polyclonal antibodies per month and a full catalog of about 70 000 primary antibodies.

Rather than the traditional method of antibody production, Abnova is taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development. Their goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in human genome.


The Gap between Genomics and Proteomics

After the completion of human genomic project, most human expressed genes have been identified, and full-length cDNA of these genes have become publicly available. In the emerging proteomics era, proteins act as the key players in the unveiling of these genes. In order to effectively decipher the mystery of these proteins, antibodies with their inherent sensitivity and specificity thus become the most versatile tools for providing one-to-one relationship with their target proteins.

What Abnova Does

The mission of Abnova is to become a leader in high throughput antibody and protein production. Abnova intends to become world´s largest protein and antibody catalog company by building a full collection of essential proteins and their antibodies targeting the human genome.

Why Choose Abnova?

Abnova offers a unique complete monoclonal antibody and protein experience for our customer that is different from traditional custom production companies and laboratories.

Industrial-Scale Infrastructure:

We maintain a streamlined monoclonal production facility with scalable capacity for up to 500 immunization per month, and a state-of-the-art specific pathogen free (SPF) facility, which has the breeding and holding capacity for 10 000+ mice. These facilities allow us to significantly bring down the cost of customized monoclonal antibody production. We have also incorporated numerous automation systems into our production line, which significantly increased our efficiency.

Wheat Germ In Vitro Protein Expression System:

We have a high throughput protein production system, which allows soluble expression of conformational correct protein either from full-length cDNA or specific domains.

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