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LIFE SCIENCES > Immunodetection Tools > Secondary Antibodies & Avidins > Uptima Antibodies

Uptima manufactures high affinity secondary antibodies conjugated to superior enzymes, biotin and FITC to fulfill todays laboratory requirement in a variety of techniques, ELISA, Blotting and ImmunoHistoChemistry.

1 Polyclonal Secondary Antibodies
2 Monoclonal Isotype Specific Secondary Antibodies

Use our great Ab2Search engine for interactive search using criteria such as antibody host, target Ig species, crossreactivity, label (fluorescent, enzyme, biotin), format (Fab´2) or isotype.

Labels A variety of techniques
  • Peroxidase (HRP),
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)
  • Biotin
  • FITC
  • ImmunoBlotting (WBlot, DotBlot)
  • MicroArrays
  • IHC/IF (ImmunoHistoChemistry, ImmunoFluorescence)
  • FCM (Flow Cytometry)
  • Non labeled secondary antibodies are useful also for
    agglutination and diffusion or immunoprecipitation techniques (Ouchterlony, Combs test, IPs)

IHC Staining of kidney. / Image under GNU Free Documentation License
IHC Staining of kidney.
Immunoblot analysis of proteins separated by SDS-PAGE. / Published in Methods in Malaria Research .by Ernst Hempelmann of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – Public domain.
Immunoblot analysis of proteins
separated by SDS-PAGE.
ELISA microplate assay
ELISA microplate assay

More information :
Uptima antibodies are selected for their high affinity, and conjugation procedure optimized for high signal and stability, as well as high activity enzymes (Peroxidase (HRP) | Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) | see technical information along with other immuno-assay enzymes).
Uptima uses a long and hydrophilic spacer  for biotin, and designed more selective and stable coupling technologies than standard Nakan or glutaraldehyde (for peroxidase) or isothianate (for FITC). For FITC, we recommend the alternative FluoProbes488 dye.

Please contact us if you need custom labeled antibodies manufacture to fit the requirement of your application.

These enzymatic labeled secondary antibodies come along with optimized Uptima Substrates. 

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