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Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station


Combined with a circulator, the compact Breeze provides rapid heating/cooling and is ideal for applications requiring precise control by solution temperature...

Designed as an add-on module for the Carousel 6 and Tornado, Breeze creates a "Parallel Process Reactor" that heats/cools and mechanically stirs 6 flasks (50ml to 250ml). Making Breeze ideal for applications that require precise solution temperature control, such as crystallisation studies.


  • Rapidly heat/cool, multiple or individual flasks up to 5 litres.
  • Thermofluid range of -85°C to +235°C; providing a solution temperature of -30°C to +165°C.
  • 135mm ø top plate integrates with the Carousel 6, Tornado, Heat-On and other reaction blocks.
  • Breeze’s small internal volume ensures a quick response to changes in thermofluid temperature.
  • Internal design maximises heat transfer from the thermofluid to the top plate and minimises temperature variation across the surface.
  • Mechanical stirring provided by Tornado or overhead stirrer.
  • M16 hose connections, suitable for all popular brands of circulator.

Breeze includes a removable stand and drip tray...
Breeze comes with a removable aluminium stand and stainless steel support rods that ensure the set-up is sturdy and safe.
The stand also acts as a drip-tray for any spills or condensation that may form when using at sub-ambient temperatures.

1: Anodised aluminium block heats or cools rapidly.
2: Includes removable stand/drip tray combination with integral support rods.
3: 16mm hose fittings (adapters available).
4: Affordable and compact.

5: Aluminium block can be easily unscrewed from the drip tray.


What is the difference between Storm & Breeze ?

The larger of the two work stations features a sophisticated internal fluid path that combines with a high performance insulated case to maximise thermal transfer. These features create a temperature control module that has a wide operating range with excellent heat transfer, making Storm ideal for steady state reactions from -65ËšC to +200ËšC that require stable temperatures for extended periods, with minimal variation across the heated surface.

Breeze: More compact, with a small bench-top footprint, featuring are movable stand for stability and easy clamping. Breeze has no insulation resulting in a smaller operating range of -30°C to +165°C but has a much faster response time to required changes in temperature. This makes Breeze more suitable for applications that require solution control such as crystallisation studies.

Description Heating Power (kW) CoolingPower at 0°C (kW) Storm Breeze
Cooling to 30°C Heating to 100°C Cooling to 30°C Heating to 100°C
Huber Ministat 230 (-33°C/+200°C) 2.0 0.35 n/a 34 mins n/a 30 mins
Huber Unistat 705 (-75°C/+250°C) 1.5 0.65 44 mins 56 mins 60 mins 44 mins
Huber Unistat 825 (-85°C/+250°C) 3.0 2.2 27 mins 27 mins 85 mins n/a

Technical Specifications

Description Breeze
Solution Temperature Range -30°C to +165°C
Thermofluid Operating Limits -85°C to +235°C
Control by Solution Temperature Yes
Typical Applications Variable temp applications such as crystallisation
Hose Fittings M16 (16 mm)
Dimensions (mm) 135 x 80 mm
Insulated No
Weight Without stand 1.6kg (With stand 3.2kg)



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