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Careers Advion Interchim Scientific

At Advion Interchim Scientific, our team is the heart of our organization

Together we are growing, learning, and building our future


About the compagnie

Two Companies, One Goal: Best-In-Class Solutions for Scientists
Over 50 years of experience in chromatography, purification, flash and prep LC instrumentation and three decades of experience in design and development of novel mass spectrometry systems and accessories for life sciences, research, and industry.

Building upon ten years of a successful partnership, Advion and Interchim have joined forces to become a global industry leader in LC chromatography purification and mass spectrometry solutions.

About Advion, Inc.
Advion’s nearly three-decade dedication to serving scientists yields customer-focused life science solutions. Our deep scientific, engineering, and customer workflow knowledge enables an unrivaled solution portfolio.  We work directly with, train, and passionately advocate for our customers to ensure their success. Dedicated to Science – Dedicated to You. More about Advion, Inc. can be found on our website,

About Interchim
Founded in Montluçon, France, we have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the fields of synthesis, life sciences, as well as analysis and purification by LC chromatography. Our products and services are today available in 60 countries through our direct sales, subsidiaries, and distributors network. For more information, visit and

“50 years of experience”


Our Values, our culture  

At Advion Interchim Scientific, we are committed to sharing, creating and innovating. To do this, human resources are our main asset. It is essential that team members flourish in their role, meeting both the needs of the company as well as their own aspirations and career development goals.  

With this in mind, we work together daily in a motivating environment where the human element is central.

In a few words, we wish to:

  • Learn from others to evolve and grow together
  • Valorize and perpetuate our knowledge while integrating new innovative methods
  • Thrive on change, create and seize opportunities
  • Achieve excellence to ensure customer satisfaction

“Human resources are our main asset”


Would you be up to the challenge?

If, like us, you are positive and determined, you like adventure and enjoy challenges in a stimulating environment,
discover our offers and find the one that suits you.


Advion Interchim Scientific is the market-facing name of a partnership between Advion, Inc. and Interchim SAS, separate companies that have agreed to market and distribute their products together.


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